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Internet wallet MoneyBookers



MoneyBookers – a payment system for money transactions, do the shopping over the Internet, pay for different services. The main advantage of MoneyBookers is that practically all world bookmakers (casino and other playing sites) use this payment system for their accounts. An account opening in MoneyBookers is going on in the real-time conditions on the payment system site and it takes approximately 5-10 minutes.

Kinds of currency
It is possible to open an account in any currency. If it is necessary, money is automatically converted in a needed currency. For betting at bookmakers we recommend to open an account in dollars, euros and pounds sterling in order to minimize losses on currency conversion.

Commission, the service cost
When remittance between members of the system, 1% commission is drawn out, but not more than 0.5 euro for one transmission. Sometimes, bookmakers compensate the commission when making a deposit or withdrwal (i.e. the commission may be 0%). MoneyBookers service is free.

Account verification
After opening your account, you need to make your account verification, i.e. to confirm that you are an owner of this account. Besides, verification allows enlarging the limit of current operations defined as the money amount, which you can transmit through the system during three months period. The starting limit of depositing transactions is 1000 euros.

Methods of account verification in MoneyBookers:

  1. After opening an account, a letter with a verification code is sent on your e-mail (pointed in a registration card). When you receive a letter, you activate the code on MoneyBookers site. Verification in such a way allows to enlarge the limit of outgoing transactions on 2 500 euros.
  2. Money transmission from your banking account on the account in MoneyBookers: your ID in MoneyBookers should be used as «a payment function». Besides, the limit of transactions will additionally enlarge on 2000-3000 euros, you’ll get an opportunity to transmit money on this banking account in the future.
  3. After registration of a VISA card on MoneyBookers site, a small money amount (2-3 euros) will be drawn out from it. You need to take an account copying at a bank and write this amount in a special part of MoneyBookers site. After this simple operation, you’ll get an opportunity to use your card for money deposit/withdrawal, and your limit will be enlarged approximately on 2 500 euros.

Cash means deposit/withdrawal
An account deposit (withdrawal) in MoneyBookers is possible by a bank transmission (up to 5 days) or by VISA cards (instantly) – these are the most popular methods. You can get more information about the commission and additional conditions on the payment system site.
Pay your attention to the fact that before you can credit an account from a card, you need to verify it in MoneyBookers. Only after verification, you can withdraw money to a card.

Payment system service
You need only to open an account to use MoneyBookers system. To carry out payments you need to point out your e-mail, which will be used as a number of your account in the system.

— during registration point out only correct data (your surname, name, patronymic, address and etc.);
— don’t try to get two or more wallets in the system for one person;
 — try not to transmit (get) money to/from unknown persons using the system;
— be attentive that your data and e-mail in MoneyBookers coincide with
registration data at a bookmaker.

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